Coffee Tables - FAQs

Common Questions Concerning Coffee Tables

Do I Even Need a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are great catchalls for any and everything that ends up in your living room. From your guests’ half-finished drinks to your children’s toys to your spouse’s bowl of popcorn, you’ll probably find just about anything you can imagine on your table at one point or another. The question is, do you want these items on your couch or, alternatively, on your floor? Without a coffee table, there are few other alternatives on which to put said items.

In addition, these tables also are usually the main focal point of any living room, with the TV as the exception. These tables will help you define your style and bring focus to your living room.

What Type of Coffee Table Should I Get?

That depends on a few things: how big your space is, what style you want your living room to reflect, and who makes up your household. People without children who live in a large space and like shabby chic furnishings will probably enjoy a large wooden table. Someone who lives in a small space with children and enjoys a more modern look might want to look at petite leather tables.

There are many different styles available for purchase:  metal frame coffee tables, wood frame coffee tables, glass top coffee tables, marble top coffee tables, slate top coffee tables, adjustable height coffee tables, swivel coffee tables, and ottomans.

My Living Room is Small. Can I Fit a Coffee Table?

These tables come in many different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find a good table for your room no matter how big or small it might be. Measure the space you have available and then look for tables that allow at minimum 15 inches between their edge and the sofa. Consider looking at glass coffee tables, as well. They will let light pass through them, giving the room the illusion of more space.

Based on the shape of your couch or chairs, you should look at different shapes of coffee tables to see what works best for your living room set up.  A rectangular coffee table, square coffee table, round coffee table, oval coffee table or free form coffee table are options to look into.

Coffee Tables Vary in Height. How Tall Should Mine Be?

Consider how you will be using your table before you pick one out. If you like eating in front of the television in the living room, take a look at tables that are “tea-height” or around 25 inches. Standard 16-inch tables are good for all other purposes.  If you need flexiblity, an adjustable height coffee table may be perfect for you.

How Do I Keep My Table from Being Damaged?

If you know that your family will use your table as a footrest, fort, weight bench or any other non-traditional function, you might want to consider an upholstered table or one made out of sturdy wood. Glass tables have a tendency to break when they are under unusual stress and are a poor choice for a rambunctious family.

There are a few simple preventative steps you can take to give your coffee table a long, healthy, good-looking life. Avoid placing your coffee table in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, especially if it has a painted surface that are prone to fading. Don't place anything abnormally hot or cold directly on the coffee table's surface. Regulate your humidity to check large, sudden fluctuations. Finally, find some interesting coasters that family and visitors will enjoy using. Each step goes a long way toward keeping your furniture in style and intact.