Coffee Tables - Material

Modern Coffee Tables - Materials

Coffee tables are available in three primary materials: wood coffee tables, metal coffee tables, and glass coffee tables. The best one for you depends both on your taste and your family life.

Wood Coffee Tables

Wood tables can be quite modern, especially when combined with other materials like glass and metal. A modern wood table will often be stained a dark color, or painted. The legs tend to be straight. The top may either be glass or wood. A newer style features a glass top floating over a wood base, or a square wood base with an inset glass top.

Metal Coffee Tables

For many people, metals like chrome are synonymous with the modern design aesthetic. However, iron is making an entrance into modern design as well. While most iron tables are ornate, some newer coffee tables feature straight black legs that combine both the artistry of iron with the sleek likes of modern tastes. Like wooden designs, most chrome or iron coffee tables feature glass tops.

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass tables are at the opposite spectrum from plastic tables. Although it’s unusual to find a table made completely from glass, it is possible. Think carefully before buying an all-glass table however, if you have pets or children. 

Glass coffee tables are excellent for small rooms and areas where you want to create the feeling of enhanced space. A semi-reflective surface multiplies sight lines and works to establish an attractive focal point in your room. Combine a glass top with a visible decorative treatment underneath and you add attractive visibility to your coffee table storage, not to mention serious style points.