Coffee Tables - Function


When buying a coffee table, don’t just consider the style of the table. Consider how it will be used in your home, how much use it will receive, who else lives in your home, and whether it’s suitable for your other furniture. A modern coffee table may not look appropriate in a formal living room with a more traditional style. A glass table may not be appropriate for a high-traffic family room, but would be very attractive in a modern living room. Before you buy any table or chair, carefully consider how you live. Then find the right style at the right price.

Drawers are excellent features for storing remote controls, cards, games or magazines that don't necessarily make the coffee table display cut. Compartmentalized storage shelves are perfect stashes for family members who have a habit of leaving textbooks, notebooks or other personal items in the living room. Trunk storage is best for those who like to snuggle up with one, two, even three blankets for movie night. Keep in mind that these options are the tip of the functionality iceberg. Once you have a notion of the space's ideal use, your coffee table's style and features will be calling your name.

Glass is the easiest surface to keep clean, if it’s one uninterrupted sheet, and some models are sleek showcases for collectibles, protecting them from dust underneath a glass top. Two warnings: If you have young kids, steer clear of glass tables — the edges can be dangerous unless set in a frame.

Coffee tables come in a variety of styles, from antique to ultra-modern. The clean lines of modern design make them the most popular with decorators and homeowners alike. If you’re looking for a new table for your living room or family room, consider the following coffee table materials and shapes to find the best table for your situation. Remember, a coffee table is for much more than holding coffee.