Coffee Tables - Shape

Coffee Table Shapes

Aside from the occasionally odd-shaped table, most coffee tables come in four shapes: round coffee tables, square coffee tables, rectangular coffee tables, and oval coffee tables. Each style is suited to a particular type of room and layout. The shape can also be an important factor for parents with young children.

Round Coffee Tables

Round tables are best for parents with young children because there are no sharp corners to bang into small heads and hands. They are best suited for square rooms with a U-shaped seating area that is even on all sides.

Square Coffee Tables

Square tables are also ideally suited to square rooms with U-shaped seating areas that are even on all sides. They tend to fit better into large rooms where they serve as focal points.

Rectangular Coffee Tables

Rectangular tables are best for rectangular rooms, or rectangular seating areas of larger rooms. The length and width should align comfortably with the length and width of the couch and any side chairs.

Oval Coffee Tables

Oval tables are also ideal for families with young children because there are no sharp corners. Oval tables are best for rectangular rooms or rectangular seating areas.